You like running and you want a date?

Participate to Prom’Classic and try to find love!


Thanks to Prom’Classic, attend to one of the major event of early year and take a chance to fall in love!

  • 1. I register to Prom’Classic! It sounds stupid but it is the first thing to do! Join up now
  • 2. I pick up my sticker. When I collect my racenumber, I log on the ‘Run & Date’ booth and I collect my sticker and I wear it on my bib during the race to be visible to others.
  • 3. I meet my future friends before the race. I go to the meeting point Run & Date to meet the members of the Run & Date and to get to know each other before the run.
  • 4. I debrief my race and share a pleasant moment. After my race, I meet the other members in finish area, at the Run & Date aide station. It is the opportunity to know better the person who charmed me!
  • Stop routine! Start your personal story now!

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Run & Date