Female duo challenge

Participate to the first « female duo » challenge!

A multifaceted human and sporting experience!

Our « female duo » challenge was created to honour the women in Prom'Classic !

Every year, 1 runner over 3 on Prom'Classic is a WOMAN!

We have decided to honour you with a special challenge to give you the desire to participate to 10 km Prom'Classic and to give you an extra motivation to subscribe you to the FIRST FEMALE DUO CHALLENGE and motivate a feminine person around you to take up this challenge with YOU!

Why should you take part to Prom'Classic and subscribe you to « female duo » challenge?
When you have participated to Prom'Classic, you set a goal: to be able to run a 10 km next 8 january or improve your best time over 10 km while you take care for yourself for finding vitality and energy!

Participate to « female duo » challenge, give you an extra motivation:
Running 10 km and motivating a feminine person around you (your mother, your best friend or your work colleague etc) to join you in this challenge to push back your limits TOGETHER and try to win the TROPHEE OF THE FIRST FEMALE DUO* on 2023 Prom'Classic!

How to participate to duo female challenge?

  • 1. Each of the participants of the duo must register to Prom'Classic (timed version).
  • 2. Both of the participants must register to Duo Female Challenge (totally free).
  • 3. After the race, each participant will get her individual ranking and final time and their duo ranking as well.


Free registration

*The best duo by adding both times.

Duo féminin copyright Fred Dides Prom'Classic